Man Discovers A 150-Year-Old Cabin Hiding In Walls Of Home

by Emerald Pellot
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Curtis Grant had a master plan. He was going to buy a Flower Mound, TX home for around $800,000. Then he was going to bulldoze it and turn it into a 12-home development.

Boy, did he not see this coming; in fact, no one did. When Curtis began to demolish the home, he slowly-but-surely began to uncover a tiny bit of Texas history.

As the walls came down, he noticed strange logs hiding beneath them. The more of the exterior he removed, the more the interior became clear: It was a cabin.

The discovery reminds me of the untouched chalkboards from 1917 discovered in a remodeled classroom. Now, why we have a tendency to cover the old with something shiny and new instead of preserving it is beyond me — but I am glad little bits of American history have their way of showing up, even when we try to keep them out of sight.

Nevertheless, it was only by chance that Curtis discovered something almost as old as Texas itself. See his amazing discovery below!


When Curtis Grant purchased this house in Flower Mound, TX, his intention was to bulldoze it and build a 12-home development over its grounds.

However, when he began to break down the walls of the home, he noticed that there were logs hidden beneath the surface.

The more he dug, the more he realized the logs belonged to a one-room cabin. A cabin constructed between the 1840s and 1860s, making it about as old as Texas itself (which became a state in 1850).

Over the years, new owners began to to build around the frame of the house in order to give it a more modern exterior. Little did they know, they were slowly tucking history away.

After Grant consulted with local historians, they said the house was mostly likely built by William Gibson of the Peter’s Colony group. The colony founded much of the area.

Because the old home was previously undiscovered, it had not been given status as a historical landmark. Legally, Grant could still bulldoze the cabin and build the development he had planned… However, he couldn’t go through with it.

“It’s just something that needs to be preserved as difficult as that is on a developer,” said Grant.

Grant changed his plans and is now working with the Mound Foundation to restore the old home.

In the meantime, people are lining up to see this old piece of Texas history!

See more of this amazing story in the video below!

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