Florist Creates Toilet Paper Bouquets As A Joke Until Demand For Them Goes Through The Roof

by Angela Andaloro

A florist who tried to make light of the toilet paper shortage amid the coronavirus concerns stumbled upon a gold mine.

It started as a joke by the owners of Blossom Events and Florist in Trumann, Arkansas. They shared a post to Facebook featuring a toilet paper bouquet.

“It’s just like a dozen roses, except that it has toilet paper,” David Faulkner of Blossom Events and Florist said to WREG. “I mean we made toilet paper look pretty, I guess if you can consider that. Like I said, it was just for giggles, you know, to bring some smiles to our community.”

They couldn’t believe the response to the gag.

Just like that, they found themselves making and shipping the bouquets for the same price as a dozen roses: $75.

If you’re concerned they’re clearing store shelves to make this happen, fear not. The owners are longtime couponers who had quite a bit of toilet paper on deck.

The zany idea is fun for people ordering them to send to their loved ones. For Blossom Events and Florist, it gives them the opportunity to stretch their business a bit longer until the coronavirus effects start to impact them.

“It is going to affect our business one way or another, so we’re just trying to, right now, do like everybody and make the best of it,” Bart Faulkner said.

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