9-Year-Old Daughter Dies But DNA Test Shows She Was Switched At Birth With A Healthy Baby

by Amy Paige
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In 1978, Arlena Beatrice Rose Twigg was born in Wachula, Florida. Just before Ernest and Regina Twigg were about to take their daughter home, they learned Arlena was suffering from a serious heart defect that would ultimately claim her life.

While undergoing treatment at the age of nine, Arlena took a blood test that showed the unbelievable truth; her blood did not match with her parents’ blood. Further tests revealed Arlena was not the biological daughter of Ernest and Regina Twigg! As shocking as this news was, however, they decided to focus on Arlena’s health as it was quickly declining.

Arlena passed away during heart surgery in 1988. Ernest and Regina were ready to learn the truth about what really happened at the hospital on the day she was born.

The couple discovered there were only two caucasian girls born at Hardee Memorial Hospital during the week Regina gave birth — Arlena and another baby girl named Kimberly Mays.

Regina was determined to uncover the truth. That’s when Robert and Barbara Mays — and a suspected plot involving the nurses in the maternity ward back in 1978 — entered the picture.

This is one crazy story…

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