Florida Pizzeria “Pies It Forward” and Encourages Customers To Do The Same

by Bethany Braun
Bethany Braun is a Native New Yorker who enjoys dancing, reading and trying new restaurants. You will likely find her exploring the city streets with her 3-year-old son.

Pizza shop owner Phil Solorzano is serving up delicious pizza and tons of good karma at his restaurant in Florida.

After a customer didn’t want the soda that came with their meal, Solorzano decided he would pay it forward.

He followed a “kindness model” started by another pizza shop in Philadelphia and placed a sticky note on the shop’s soda machine noting the “free soda.” Solorzano said he had 15 stickies on the wall the first night, and the “Pie It Forward” movement was born!

Since then, customers are doing way more than donating their sodas. They are donating cash to the store’s PayPal account in order to keep up the positive momentum.

Solorzano is pleased with the impact he is making. He said, “We don’t just do it in the store. There’s a couple spots in the city with a lot of homeless people, so when pizza is about three hours old, I throw it in the box and get in my pizza truck and take it to them.” He continued, “There’s so many positive vibes from everyone. Everyone’s talking about it. Every day people come to work, and everyone’s happy. We’re never gonna stop doing this.”

If you like what this pizza shop is doing, then check out the store’s Fundly account so you can donate to the good cause, and be sure to SHARE this story so others can do the same!

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