Florida Firefighters Get Creative To Rescue 8 Tiny Ducklings From Country Club Storm Drain

by Kim Wong-Shing
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The hands-down cutest news of the day is here!

A bunch of ducklings fell into a storm drain at a country club in Florida, which is a thing that happens to ducklings sometimes.

Luckily, some firefighters came to the rescue.

“The call came into firefighters around 10:30 this morning,” a Facebook post from the Bonita Springs Fire Control and Rescue District read. “All baby ducklings are safe and reunited with their momma and daddy duck.”

A video of the rescue effort shows firefighters hanging upside down in the drain to gently retrieve each baby duck one by one. Fireman Elliot Wilson was particularly dedicated. He hung upside down for several minutes at a time and even tolerated the dirty drain water to reach the animals.

As Elliot and the rest of the firefighters worked to get the ducklings out one by one, Mama Duck hung around to make sure they did their job right. The team successfully rescued all eight ducklings and reunited the duck family.

This isn’t the first time that firefighters have stepped in to save baby ducks from a storm drain (so if you ever come across some ducklings in peril, you know whom to call). But this time, the rescuers used technology to help their effort. They used a cellphone video of Mama Duck quacking to lure the babies to the end of the drain so they could scoop them out.

Watch the adorable rescue footage in the video!

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