100-Year-Old Man And Woman Go On First-Ever Blind Date. When He Sings For Her, She Lights Up

by Kat Manos
Kat Manos is an Associate Editor who loves arguing about indie rock, classic literature, and "Star Wars."

It’s not every day you come across someone turning 100 years old. Imagine how uncommon it must be to meet two!

Turns out that Arthur Moult and Florence Philips not only turned 100 years old this year, but have the same birthday!

The two met when their home support staff in England realized the two not only had the same birthday, but might get along well together, as well.

“When I spotted that they had both been born on the same day, I couldn’t resist bringing them together,” Diane Sellers, a worker at Moorlands Home Link explained.

While Arthur and Florence had never been on a blind date before, they both agreed to meet at a nearby supermarket cafe. Luckily, the two completely hit it off!

After a nice meal and celebratory cake, the pair chatted and Arthur even sang for Florence!

“Arthur is a wonderful man and he has a wonderful singing voice,” Florence told Caters News.

In the video below, Arthur not only serenades Florence with his beautiful singing, but spoils her with chocolates and candy every time they meet up!

Although the pair live 11 miles apart, they still meet regularly and have even met each other’s families.

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