Family Of Five Travels The World In This Incredible Floating Tiny House

by Phil Mutz
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I love being by the water.

If I didn’t live in New York City, I would definitely live by the beach. Not that Manhattan is that far off, since it is an island.

But for me, the closer to the ocean the better. I also hold a special place in my heart for tiny homes. So naturally when I saw this incredible floating tiny house, I absolutely fell in love.

Brittany and Scott are a young married couple who have always loved sailing together. In September of 2010, they set sail and left their home of Belmont Harbor, Chicago with the goal of cruising around the world indefinitely. Plans changed in March of 2012 when they returned home to give birth to their beautiful daughter Isla.

After a few months, the couple decided to get a bigger boat and hit the open sea with their new baby. Brittany even started a blog with photos of the family’s journey. But another surprise was around the corner. In December of 2013, Scott and Brittany returned to land to give birth to twin baby girls.

Now, after converting their boat into a floating tiny home, the family of five is living on the water and traveling the world by sea!

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Brittany, Scott, Isla, Haven, and Mira are traveling the world in their very own floating tiny home!

Family at airport

After the birth of Isla, the couple bought a boat big enough that they could turn it into a home for their family.


Brittany and Scott named their new floating home Asante, which is Swahili for "thank you". Brittany writes on her blog that the name "means something to us: that we are thankful. And now, we will continue to be grateful wherever we go."


Why have they decided to take their family on this floating adventure? Brittany writes, "If I could give a one word answer to describe why we are doing what we are doing, it would be: freedom."

Asante controls

The couple set about transforming this boat into a true home. In a house as tiny as this, storage space can be a huge problem. Here in the kitchen or galley, the fridge and freezer are built right into the countertops.

Asante galley

And after removing the microwave that they never really used, they were able to create more shelves for storage. They also added butcher block wood on top of the stove and sink for extra counter space.

Asante galley

While the house isn't huge, Brittany and Scott were able to make sure that Isla had her own room, as did the twins. And while Mom and Dad may seem far away, they are really just about 40 feet from their daughters.

Asante floor plan

At first glance, this walk-thru is hardly cozy or comfortable. But with a little creativity, the couple was able to transform it!

Asante walk thru

Adding a little bit of love, the walk-thru is turned into Isla's bedroom, complete with her own bunk bed and plenty of storage above and below for her clothing and toys.

Asante Isla room

The master bedroom where Brittany and Scott sleep features a king-size bed. Brittany writes in her blog, "The fact that all sides but one are contained mean morning pile-ons with all the girls happen here... a lot." The bottom drawer under the bed cleverly hides an air-conditioning unit!

Asante master bedroom

Brittany and Scott have made the most of the space in Haven and Mira's room by using a divider to create a fun play area. The girls sleep together on the port side, while they play with books and stuffed toys on the starboard side. Brittany writes, "It's roomy and cozy."

Asante twins room

And even after all of the creative space saving, there is still a full sized living room inside this tiny floating home. Brittany and Scott use the enormous cabinets underneath the white cushions for storage of food, beverages, and spare parts. Smartly, "The cushions are made of vinyl and ultra-leather, meaning anything that gets on them — from markers to spaghetti sauce - wipes right off!"

Babies in living room

Amazingly, inside this tiny home there are also two bathrooms. Of course, on a ship the bathroom is called the "head". The head includes a sit-down shower stall, which they barely use. Brittany writes, "We choose to shower off the back of our boat unless we are at a marina."

Asante head

Brittany and Scott have transformed a regular boat into a beautiful space-saving floating tiny home for their family as they explore the world on the wide open seas!

Scott and daughters read

To see more of Brittany and Scott’s adventures, visit their blog and Facebook page.

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