Flight Attendant Leaves Inspirational Notes Behind For Passengers To Brighten Their Day

by Angel Chang
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Flying can be a stressful experience. Many times, we have to go through several rounds of security checks, spend hours waiting for a connecting flight, and deal with an unpleasant seating situation.

Many flight attendants understand our struggle, and do their best to make the flying experience enjoyable for us — like this flight attendant who busted a hilarious rhyme on his flight.

North Carolina native Taylor Tippett, a flight attendant for a major airline, has created something amazing to brighten her passengers’ spirits.

Dubbed “Words From The Window Seat,” Tippett’s initiative involves putting up notes with inspiring and kind messages. Passengers may find these little notes, and instantly feel uplifted.

Tippett’s only aim is to get the passengers to smile, and for them to know that if they are feeling scared, that they’re never alone.

Scroll down to see images of these incredible messages, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Flight attendant Taylor Tippett knows that for many passengers, flying can be a discouraging and frustrating experience.

Flight attendant sticks uplifting notes on windows

That’s why she’s made it her mission to alleviate stress and anxiety by posting little handwritten notes for the passengers.

Flight attendant sticks uplifting notes on windows

These small slips of paper all reveal sayings and words of encouragement. In order not to alarm people with these taped notes, she first photographs them, then inserts them into safety cards in front of the passenger’s seat.

Flight attendant sticks uplifting notes on windows

In an interview with video channel Seeker Stories, Taylor explains the thought behind the uplifting messages on the notes. “You’re already invited to kill this day, to like, nail it, to have the best day ever. It’s already set up for you, you just have to go do it,” she said.

Flight attendant sticks uplifting notes on windows

Taylor hopes that seeing these messages will help lift up the passengers' spirits, and perhaps even better their outlook on life.

Flight attendant sticks uplifting notes on windows

"If I'm not encouraging and inspiring others, what am I doing with my life? What am I doing with my time here?" she asks herself. "I'm not doing anything, [I'd be] wasting it. For my voice to matter, and for other people to connect or feel loved, or to feel understood and heard, that is all that matters to me."

Flight attendant sticks uplifting notes on windows

At the end of the day, she writes these notes for the same reason that she loves being a flight attendant. There's nothing like having the sky as her office, and meeting more than 300 people on any day.

Flight attendant sticks uplifting notes on windows

In the end, the greatest joy for Taylor is knowing that her smile and her kindness matter.

Flight attendant sticks uplifting notes on windows

We love that Taylor enjoys making other people smile and feel loved. What do you think about these lovely, inspiring notes?

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