Amazing Photos Reveal The Secret Rooms For Airline Flight Attendants

by Paul Morris
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While some people are absolutely horrified of getting into an airplane, there are other people out there who love it so much that they figured they might as well make some money out of it!

Pilots and flight attendants love the idea of soaring thousands of feet above the Earth, and for years now we’ve always viewed these jobs with a sense of romance and excitement. But there’s one thing about this job that isn’t very exciting at all, and that’s when you’re on a 17-hour trip to go halfway around the world.

Pilots and flight attendants might look perfect in their uniforms, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need sleep just as much as we do!

While many of the older airplane models don’t have a great system to help these amazing men and women recharge their batteries, many of the newer Boeing 777 and 787 models are rolling out with a pretty amazing secret that not many people even know about!

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Everyone respects flight attendants for what they do. Not only are they incredibly accommodating to us as passengers, but they also know exactly what to do in case an emergency happens 35,000 feet above the Earth!

But flight attendants need their rest, too! And on those particularly long trips, it’s very important that these men and women get the chance to get a few hours of rest.

While you’d never expect it, it turns out that many of the newer planes being made have a secret set of stairs that lead up to a small room specifically made for flight attendants in need of some rest!

It makes sense. These are the people who will be in charge in case something goes wrong with the plane. Do you really want someone like that being sleep-deprived and cranky, or do you want them to be energetic and alert?

The compartments are pretty cramped, but looking at an airplane from the outside, you’d never guess that there could be several people sleeping a few feet above everyone else!

There’s also a strict “one person per bunk” policy just to make sure that no “funny business” goes on!

Each airline seems to have their own style, but the idea is pretty much always the same. A cramped (but comfortable) place where flight attendants and crew can catch some shut-eye. Even if the hallways are tiny and you have to hunch while walking to your bed, it certainly beats sleeping on the floor in the back!

And for the pilots on those long trips? They usually get their own little cabins near the cockpit. On those long trips, a crew often consists of enough pilots and copilots to allow them to switch off every once in a while. I had no idea and just assumed they drank a lot of coffee to stay awake!

But of all the people you’d want to be 100 percent rested before they take your plane in for a landing, it’d certainly be the man or woman behind the yoke!

While many people are afraid of flying, there’s just something that’s comforting about knowing that somewhere above you is a flight attendant who is taking a nap. While flying might be scary, it couldn’t be that bad if a professional is just sleeping through it all, right? We honestly had no idea about these secret rooms, in fact, we never even thought about it that much, but everyone deserves to sleep!

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