Flight Attendant Says Passengers Should Stop Ordering Airplane Coffee

by Amy Paige
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Flight attendant Jamila Hardwick is sharing a slew of plane-related secrets with the public.

For example, she says Diet Coke takes longer to pour because it fizzes up more than any other soda on a flight.

“By the time it takes us to pour one Diet Coke, we could have three other drinks poured.”

Jamila also explains the surprising reason why passengers shouldn’t shouldn’t ask flight attendants to help place their luggage in the overhead bins. “We do not get paid until the boarding door is closed,” she told Inside Edition. “If we put that bag in the bin and we get hurt, we do not get to write it off as an on-job injury.”

The clip below features other insights about the blankets and pillows on planes, and the notoriously germ-covered tray tables.

But the most interesting (and perhaps disappointing) revelation is that Jamila admits she and her colleagues never order coffee on planes (or any warm beverage, for that matter).

And the reasons, as you’ll see below, are pretty gross.

Now the airlines are responding to Jamila’s claims.

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