Baby Starts Screaming On Plane, Then Flight Attendant Takes Mom To The Back Of The Plane

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
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As most moms know, traveling with a baby is no picnic. Many parents feel the pressure of trying to keep their kids well-behaved on flights, and sometimes panic when their baby starts crying.

They know that while many passengers are sympathetic, others are not — in fact, they often become annoyed at the sound of a fussy baby.

Parents need all the help they can get while traveling with kids, especially infants!

So when one mom’s baby started crying on a Southwest flight, the woman (who also had a young daughter in tow) must have felt a little desperate to stop the child’s fussing.

Luckily, there was a flight attendant on board who was more than sympathetic.

Passenger Carrie Jaboor, who was sitting behind the mom and her kids, witnessed an act of kindness so touching, she simply had to share it on social media. Now, she and thousands of others are applauding the flight attendant’s actions!

Photo Source: Flickr / Sandip Bhattacharya

Carrie Jaboor and husband

Carrie Jaboor was on a Southwest Airline flight when she witnessed an act of kindness that made her stop and think.

She was sitting behind a mother and two kids. One was a baby who had just started crying in the middle of the flight.


Then, one of the flight attendants asked the mom to walk to the back of the plane with him. That’s when Carrie snapped a photo of what happened next.

The flight attendant was blowing bubbles for the baby to soothe her and help her stop crying!

Carrie Jaboor and husband

The mom was reportedly in tears, moved by the kindness she and her child were shown.

Carrie Jaboor and husband

Carrie writes about the scene on Facebook:

My heart…there was a mother and her 2 young girls in front of me on the plane and the baby suddenly had a very loud crying fit that wouldn’t stop. This Southwest employee asked the mother to come to the back of the plane with him. I looked back and saw him blowing bubbles for the little girl until she stopped crying as he was also giving tissues to the mother and consoling her as she was crying too. There are some seriously kind people in this world.

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