Hospitalized Kids Are Surprised With Handmade Fleece Blankets To Make Them Feel More At Home

by Angela Andaloro

What began as an opportunity volunteering at a children’s hospital resulted in a venture that seeks to change the lives and lift the spirits of sick children everywhere. Nicholas Kristock was playing soccer in Australia and volunteering at a children’s hospital when he met Sophie, a little girl who had been in and out of the hospital her whole life. Sophie was battling neuroblastoma, a pediatric cancer that causes tumors to form in nerve cells.

Nicholas was touched by Sophie’s sunny, optimistic personality and her ability to maintain her positivity in the face of cancer. In connecting with Sophie and her family, Nicholas realized how sick children are impacted by so much more than their illnesses. Long hospital stays isolate them from friends and make it hard to keep connections. They could use support and care from beyond hospital walls, and Nicholas had an idea how to provide that.

When he returned to the states, Nicholas teamed up with Bryce Goulah and founded Fleece & Thank You, a charity where people can work together in groups or obtain individual kits to make fleece blankets for sick children. The blankets come with tags from the creators that link to a video the children can watch, where the creator gives them words of encouragement and lets them know that there are people out there cheering them on their road to recovery.

Learn more about Fleece & Thank You and see some of the children who have received blankets enjoying them in the video below!

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