‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Build Special Home For Boys In Wheelchairs And Fans Pay Off The Mortgage

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When the Copp family appeared on HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper, their requirements were a little different than other participants.

According to Magnolia Market, Jody and Melissa Copp have two beautiful sons who needed their home to be wheelchair accessible.

Calan, who is 9, and Lawson, 5, were both born with an extremely rare genetic condition that affects the mitochondria in their bodies, according to Magnolia. The condition is life-threatening, and it also makes it hard for the boys to walk or even stand by themselves.

So, Chip and Joanna Gaines worked hard to build a home for the Copp family that is not only beautiful, but also accessible.

They also got some help from a very special guest: athlete Tim Tebow.

Tim, who recently transitioned from playing professional football to playing professional baseball for the New York Mets, reached out to Chip and Joanna hoping to help with the Copps’ home. According to Magnolia, “The Tim Tebow Foundation, Make-a-Wish, the American Residential Services, members of the Waco community, and the Magnolia Foundation all came together to design and renovate a home that was 100% wheelchair accessible for these two boys.”

The reveal of the Copp family home was incredibly emotional — but it didn’t stop there. After the episode aired, Chip and Joanna opened up a fundraiser to cover the Copp family’s mortgage. The next day, they announced that the mortgage had been paid in full! Total strangers online came together to bring a little joy to the Copp family household, and boy did they succeed.

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Photos: Instagram / Joanna Gaines; Facebook / Raising Wheels

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