One Of Chip And Joanna Gaines’ Gorgeous Farmhouses From ‘Fixer Upper’ Is Now Available To Rent

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Fans of Fixer Upper have been mostly out of luck since the show went off the air in April 2018. But now, instead of rewatching one of the show’s million reruns, you can take your fandom a step further.

You can officially stay in one of Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ gorgeous Waco renovations by renting it on Airbnb.

The house belongs to none other than Michael Matsumoto, the producer of Fixer Upper. He and his wife Jessie were searching for a Waco home to be closer to the Gaines. So in season four, Chip and Joanna found a dilapidated old shack and transformed it into a stunning farmhouse for the couple.

Now Michael and Jessie are making their home available to renters for a few months.

“If you are traveling to #Waco in the next few months we have decided to rent out our house for a limited time,” Michael wrote on Instagram.

Starting at $350 per night, it’s not the cheapest Airbnb rental in the world. But this is a four-bedroom, two-bathroom farmhouse that was personally renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Back in 2017 when Fixer Upper was still on TV and all was well in the world, Chip and Joanna Gaines featured an extra-special guest for the season four finale.

They brought their producer, Michael Matsumoto, and his wife Jessie onto the show.

Michael and Jessie were based in Los Angeles at the time, and Jessie was pregnant with twins. They wanted to move to the Waco area to be closer to the Gaines.

Chip and Joanna found a dilapidated old shack in Crawford, Texas, about 30 minutes away from Waco. The Matsumotos bought it for just $12,500, and the Gaines went to work.

By the time they were done, the decaying old house looked completely different. It’s now a gorgeous, expansive farmhouse.

It boasts four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious porch, and, of course, some of the loveliest decor you’ve ever seen, courtesy of Joanna.

Michael and Jessie’s twins were born just in time for the episode to air. The growing family adored their new farmhouse.

“As this show has been an amazing transformation for many home owners, it has been an amazing journey for me and my family,” Michael wrote on Instagram at the time. “I am so grateful for my beautiful friends @chippergaines and @joannagaines.”

The last episode of Fixer Upper aired in April 2018. With the show over, Michael and Jessie still plan to stay in the Waco area. But they’re working on moving even closer to Waco than their current home. That might have something to do with the Gaines’ plans to start their very own television network.

“Work may get busy so I wanted to be closer to the office,” Michael explained to People.


So for a few months, the Matsumotos have decided to make their gorgeous house available for rental on Airbnb.

“Truthfully our house is such a special gift and so many fans have told us that it’s their favorite, it’ll be nice to let them get to experience the magic of it,” Michael said.

The listing boasts:

“This home is family friendly and ideal for entertaining family and friends. It has a beautiful open concept kitchen with plenty of cooking essentials, 2 full baths with a rain shower in the master, original bunk beds seen on TV, huge yard great for kids complete with play structure, basketball court and a small gym. Includes pack and plays and high chairs for families.”

Renters will have full access to the entire home, yard, and back shed. They’ll also have the place to themselves — no interaction with the Matsumotos.

The house is currently going for $350 per night.

And the listing already has 11 rave reviews.

“We loved our time at the Matsumoto farm! A dream come true for a Fixer Upper fan,” one renter wrote.

On social media, Fixer Upper fans are salivating at the thought of staying in an actual house from the show.

The Matsumotos’ episode was one of the most special on the series. And that house! It’s beautiful!

Michael first announced the rental opportunity in November. Weeks later, ecstatic fans are still actively booking the listing.

“When we welcome anyone into our house, our family included, and they see how beautiful it is, their jaws always hit the floor,” Michael said. “I don’t want to brag but it really is the most amazing house in the world.”

The opportunity to see Joanna’s beloved shiplap in person will likely only be available for a couple more months — so if you’re interested, book it now!