5-Year-Old Boy Calls 911 And Asks For Pizza, Then 3 Cops Show Up At His Front Door

by Kelly Glass
Kelly Glass is a writer whose work focuses on the intersections of parenting, health, and pop culture. She lives in an Illinois college town with her educator husband, wildly ambitious sons, dog, and several fish. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Romper,, HelloGiggles,, What to Expect, and more.

When the craving for pizza calls, what do you do? Well, a boy in Florida called 911. Five-year-old Manuel Beshara dialed 911 to tell police dispatch that he was hungry.

Officers Morales, Mejia, and Hernandez with the Sanford Police Department responded to the call from the boy last Friday, thinking it was a well-being check, according to police in a Facebook post.

It wasn’t until after they were on the way that they were soon alerted that little Manuel had told dispatchers “he was hungry and wanted to order pizza.”

“It wasn’t like he was starving and his parents weren’t feeding him. That was not the case at all,” said Officer Morales.

When the three officers arrived at the boy’s home, they spoke with Manuel and his older sister, who said Manuel grabbed the phone and made the call before she knew what was happening. “He came outside. He was a little nervous,” Officer Morales said. “He knows he did wrong.”

The three officers used the moment as an opportunity to teach  Manuel about the importance of the proper use of 911. They also didn’t come empty-handed. They bought the boy a large pizza from Pizza Hut. Pizza crisis averted.

Sanford Police ended the Facebook post with a reminder to the public: Please don’t call 911 for delivery.

Watch the video to see what happened, but do not try this at home.

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