Judges Roll Their Eyes At Five Old Men, But When The Music Starts, They Stun Them All

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Talk about teaching old dogs new tricks! This video is brand new online, but it’s quickly going viral — and for good reason!

The judges appear skeptical when these dancing dads appeared on stage at “Britain’s Got Talent,” but they were in for a big surprise. As soon as the music kicked in, their hip hop and street dance routine left the judges open-mouthed in amazement.

Prepared to be delighted by Old Men Grooving — five men in their Golden Years who all work normal day jobs. One’s an IT manager, another a teacher, and so forth. However, their 9-to-5’s don’t keep them from pursuing their passion in life — dancing!

As you’ll see, the judges didn’t have high hopes for the group, but just a few seconds in, they were shocked by the audition! I mean, do these guys have the moves, or what?!

Even Simon is impressed, which is difficult for any performer to accomplish. The guys made it through to the next round, but will they be grooving on down to the finish line?

Biggest smile I’ve had all day. Like the 92-year-old woman who recently shared a beautiful performance of her and her dance partner doing the Tango, Old Men Grooving prove there’s no age limit on having fun, and doing so in style.

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