Photo Of Pregnant Women Just Weeks Apart Goes Viral

by Phil Mutz
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When it comes to pregnancy, every mother-to-be’s body responds differently.

Some women carry their babies high in the belly, while other babies sit low.

Some women don’t show for a very long time, while others have a baby bump right away.

And after the birth, some women’s bodies return to their pre-birth state, while others have changed — as with this stunning mother who learned to love her stretch marks.

But in the case of fitness guru and soon-to-be mother Chontel Hau, photos of her pregnancy are causing quite the stir.

Chontel runs her own fitness company called HIIT Australia and has spent her life embracing fitness and nutrition.

At five months pregnant, Chontel posted Instagram photos next to her six-month pregnant friend.

The photos have since gone viral, shocking people around the world.

Scroll through below for a look at Chontel’s surprising pregnancy pictures, as well as her positive message about embracing the glorious changes that come with pregnancy, whatever they may be.

fitness instructor baby bump

Chontel is a fitness guru in Australia, and is extremely excited to be well on her way to motherhood.

However, when Chontel posted several photos of her five-month pregnant belly next to her friend’s six-month pregnant belly, she never expected such an enormous response!

fitness instructor baby bump

Chontel posted this photograph of her and her friend Nat with the caption:

“And this is where it all began… Two ladies 4-5 weeks apart in their pregnancies, both super happy and healthy, loving their journeys, embracing the changes, and proud to share their growing bumps!”

fitness instructor baby bump

These photos quickly went viral, with people amazed at the unbelievable contrast in the women’s bodies.

Sadly, some of the response toward Chontel was negative. However, Chontel accompanied her photos with a body-positive message:

“Each woman carries different and this most certainly doesn’t mean one is doing something wrong or not healthy.”

fitness instructor baby bump

Her message continued:

“We both have healthy growing babies, and we both have had incredible pregnancies so far, feeling amazing and full of energy.”

Chontel’s initial photos were followed up with more pictures showing her progress.

fitness instructor baby bump

With all of the sudden attention to her pregnancy, Chontel maintains her body-positive view that there is no “right way” to look while pregnant, and that each individual mother should be celebrated.

fitness instructor baby bump

For now, she is excited to welcome her new son to the world. She has even practiced working out with her stroller.

She wrote on Instagram:

“Just need my workout buddy to arrive and motivate me with what I am sure will be some early wake up calls.”

fitness instructor baby bump

Chontel’s friend Nat has since given birth to a beautiful baby boy, Charlee. And with her own son due to arrive any minute, Chontel looks forward to the world of motherhood that awaits her.

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