Fisherman Spots A Humpback Whale Trapped Inside Net And Jumps Onto His Back Like A Hero

by Amy Paige
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Sam Synstelien and Nicholas Taron, two commercial eel fisherman for Native Pacific Fisheries, spotted a humpback whale who’d gotten entangled in a buoy.

They were instantly concerned and alerted the US Coast Guard, but they were told no one would be able to respond for a few hours.

Sam and Nicholas knew there was only one way to ensure this poor whale survived. They decided to try to save her themselves, knowing it was a near-impossible feat that would put their lives at risk.

In a shocking video posted to Instagram, you’ll see Sam standing at the bow of the boat and psyching himself up for the jump of his life.

Within seconds, he leaps into the ocean, right beside the giant whale, and proceeds to climb onto her back!

In the video, the whale continues to struggle to get free of the buoys and ropes. Had she struck Sam with her tail alone, he could have died.

Meanwhile, Nicolas steered the boat and filmed the harrowing encounter.

The fishermen were reportedly so full of adrenaline that fear wasn’t even an issue during their three attempts to save her.

Absolutely incredible.

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