Fisherman Unknowingly Keeps Giant $100 Million Pearl Under His Bed For 10 Years

by Phil Mutz
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Many of us believe in good luck charms, but they are usually of more sentimental value than anything else.

However, for one shockingly lucky fisherman, his good luck charm turned out to have incredible monetary value as well.

An unidentified fisherman is reported to have discovered a giant clam with a giant pearl inside off the coast of Palawan Island, Philippines.

After making this discovery, he placed the enormous pearl underneath his bed for good luck. And that’s where it has remained for 10 long years.

A fire recently drove the fisherman from his home in the Philippines, forcing him to take his pearl along with him.

But when he showed it to a local tourism official, they were absolutely floored. They couldn’t believe such a discovery could have been sitting under his bed for so many years.

Scroll through below for a look at this record-breaking gem… and to see what a $100 million pearl actually looks like.

Can you imagine the look on the fisherman’s face when he realized its true value? How would you have reacted to the news? Let us know in the comments!

[H/T: Daily Mail]

When we think of pearls, this is likely what we envision — small, round orbs that often look great as part of a person’s jewelry collection.

But for one unidentified fisherman in Puerto Princesa, Philippines, a pearl means something larger and much more valuable.

Reports are now coming in from the Philippines that this fisherman had been storing a giant pearl under his bed for 10 years after finding it off the coast of Palawan Island.

He thought of it as his “good luck charm” and never thought to check how much it might be worth.

However, a fire at his home forced the fisherman to leave, taking his enormous pearl with him.

According to the Daily Mail, he showed it to a stunned local tourism official who identified the object as a giant pearl.

It is believed that the gem is worth somewhere in the vicinity of $100 million, and it had been sitting under the fisherman’s bed the whole time.

The pearl measures 12 inches by 26 inches and weighs an unbelievable 75 lbs.

According to tourism officer Aileen Cynthia Amurao, “The fisherman threw the anchor down and got it stuck on a rock during a storm.

“He noticed that it was lodged on a shell and swam down to pull up the anchor, and also brought the shell with him. This was a decade ago, and he kept it at home.”

This shocking discovery dwarfs the previous world record which was held by this pearl, the Pearl of Allah, which is valued at “only” $35 million.

Amurao continued, “We now need help from gemologists to fully certify it… But we believe Puerto Princesa is likely to earn another prestigious title and a record breaker for having the world’s biggest natural giant pearl from a giant clam.”

Though many people hold onto good luck charms, perhaps none will ever prove to be quite so valuable as this 75-pound pearl that has been residing beneath one fisherman’s bed.

What do you think of this shocking discovery? What would you do if you realized something so valuable had been sitting under your bed? Let us know in the comments.

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