A Touching Photo Of The Newest Gerber Baby Sitting With The First Gerber Baby Is Going Viral

by Kim Wong-Shing

This year’s Gerber baby, Lucas Warren, is the first Gerber baby to have Down syndrome. He also happens to be ridiculously adorable. Last weekend, he met up with the original Gerber baby, Ann Turner Cook, who just turned 91. The duo shared a touching photo op.

Both of these Gerber spokesbabies have made history in their own way, which makes this photo extra special. While Lucas is the first spokesbaby with Down syndrome, Ann became the company’s first spokesbaby ever in 1928. That’s right – 90 years ago, Ann was the original model for the Gerber baby logo that we all know and love.

Ann’s grandson, Chris Colin, shared the image of Ann and Lucas over the weekend, and it’s blowing up the Twitter universe. It’s easy to see why. This is multigenerational cuteness overload!

A Gerber spokeswoman told USA Today that Lucas’ family was vacationing near Ann, and they asked Gerber if the company could arrange a meet-up.

Lucas first charmed the web in February, when Gerber chose him as the next Gerber baby. He recently wrapped up his first ad campaign for the company, “Make Every Little Bite Count.” That smile is seriously irresistible!

If you’re ready to explode from absolute cuteness overload, take a look for yourself…

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