Arizona High School Student Becomes First Female To Ever Receive A College Football Scholarship

by Kate Taylor
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There are a lot of sports in high school that have both boys and girls teams, or at the very least a version for both sexes. With that said, football is not one of them.

As far as most people are concerned, a girl’s place on the football field is probably on the sidelines with the cheerleaders. But, Arizona high school student, Becca Longo isn’t most people.

This very talented trailblazer has become the first female to receive a college football scholarship and will be a kicker at Adams State in Colorado.

As you can imagine, she has to be pretty tough to play football. Longo tells FOX 10, “I’ve gotten hit plenty number of times. I’ve given some hits. It’s really just a good base and you learn so much from it.”

It also sounds like her teammates are more than okay with their female counterpart.

“You make so many new friends. And I feel like I just have a huge family of brothers now,” she said.

Her accomplishment has caught the attention of plenty of people, including wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald, who invited Longo to play in his celebrity softball game.

Longo says, “Larry Fitzgerald sent me a direct message saying, ‘Hey do you mind if I tweet that you’re on the team?’ I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, yes Larry Fitzgerald you can tweet about me.”

Longo is an inspiration to girls and everyone for that matter, saying, “I just hope that it opens their mindsets to do different things.”

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