The World’s First Cannabis-Infused Wine Is Now On Sale In California, But There’s A Catch

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Now that cannabis is legal in a growing number of US states, it’s becoming more and more acceptable to enjoy a little marijuana similarly to how you’d enjoy a nice glass of wine.

Well, now you can have both at once. California’s first cannabis-infused wine is officially on sale at a dispensary in San Diego.

The winery, Rebel Coast, produces the world’s first marijuana-infused sauvignon blanc. Californians can buy the wine only at dispensaries, such as Torrey Holistics in San Diego. But the bottles are selling out fast.

Each glass has 5 mg of THC in it — a small enough amount that you can enjoy it at a dinner party and still be functional enough to have a conversation, according to Rebel Coast’s website.

“Five milligrams is not that much. It leaves you with a very happy, relaxed feeling,” a staff member at Torrey Holistics told Fox 5.

It’s illegal to have both alcohol and THC in the same drink, so this wine is 100% alcohol-free. There are a couple plus sides to the lack of alcohol, too. Each glass contains only 35 calories, and you’re guaranteed to be hangover-free the next morning.

So how does it taste? The Rebel Coast website says it “smells and tastes like wine,” which is a good start!

“It’s a really refreshing, crisp taste. It’s delicious,” the staff member said.

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