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Fireman Hears A Puppy Screaming For Help, Then He Uncovers The Rest Of The Family

by Paul Morris
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It’s heartbreaking to realize just how many lives have been so badly changed in the recent North Carolina floods caused by Hurricane Matthew.

As thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes ahead of the angry flooding, countless animals were left behind to fend for themselves. While we don’t know the story behind all these poor animals — sometimes families are literally forced to leave their pets behind — it’s terrible to see so many of our furry friends put in such a harsh predicament.

So when a group of firefighters heard screams for help, it became obvious that there was a puppy in sore need of some human love.

Surrounded by scary black water, the fireman found a scared baby beagle on top of a truck. Then he saw something utterly horrifying: a whole family of puppies trapped in crates, all so scared and alone with no hope of survival.

Thank goodness for the amazing group of firefighters who risked their lives by walking in the water to save these precious stranded babies. If it weren’t for their bravery, this little pack would surely have died. While we’re not sure why they were left behind, we’re all so happy and thankful that they’re safe and sound. The puppies are probably pretty thankful as well!

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