Mom Tosses Little Girl Off 3rd-Story Balcony During Raging Blaze And Fireman Makes Heroic Catch

by Kat Manos
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Firefighters are without a doubt truly brave men and women devoted to serving their local communities and fighting even the most harrowing of blazes.

One apartment fire in Georgia recently revealed just how much these servicemen and women put on the line for others.

When a building that housed more than 80 people went up in flames, firefighters were quick to arrive at the scene, immediately raising ladders to reach higher floors.

In one case, a fireman’s helmet camera caught a particularly incredible moment when two parents were trying to escape with their daughter from the third floor.

In the video below, you can see the parents quickly rushing down two ladders with the little girl bundled up in the mom’s arms.

Attempting to save the little girl’s life, the mother drops her daughter to the fire captain below as flames surround them. Incredibly, the fire captain makes an astounding catch at the last moment and the little girl is saved.

With flames so close by, it’s amazing that all 80 people in the building managed to escape in time.

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Photos and footage provided by KGUN Tucson

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