Bullied Boy Says Fireman Took Him Home From School. That Night, Mom Sees Him Waiting Outside

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

On his bus ride home from middle school, Jonathan Moran was verbally abused by a bully who then went on to break the boy’s glasses, split his lip, and leave bruises on his face.

Jonathan is a high-functioning autistic child who attends a special education school in Cranford, New Jersey. He struggles with self-control, but on this particular day, he showed amazing restraint and chose not to retaliate.

When the EMTs from the Linden Fire Department arrived at the scene, they told Jonathan to hop in their truck. They took him home themselves so he didn’t have to ride the bus with his bullies.

During the ride, the EMTs made Jonathan so comfortable that he shared his diagnosis of autism with them, along with his hopes for the future. He even expressed interest in joining the military someday.

The EMTs dropped the boy off at home and drove off… but little did Jonathan know, this wouldn’t be the last time he saw his heroes.

Later that night, the same EMTs pulled up to his house in the darkness. His mother, Hope, was absolutely shocked by what they did outside her home.

Faith in humanity… restored.

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