Firefighter Covers Plain Table In Bottle Caps To Create Powerful Design For Station

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

There’s something extra special about seeing crafts and DIY projects that show off the values that are important to their makers!

Of course, we love just about every DIY project we stumble upon, but we have a serious soft spot for meaningful crafts, like these adorable photo trees that let you show off everyone who’s near and dear to you.

Thats why we’re big fans of a gorgeous project that’s been circulating around the internet lately, and is packed chock-full of important sentimental value.

It’s a beautiful table, handcrafted by a firefighter as a special gift for his whole crew to gather around and reminisce over.

He made it carefully by hand with a contrasting pattern of beer bottle caps, and ended up creating a useful memento that any firefighter would be proud to have in his station!

Scroll through the pictures below to check out his incredible project from start to finish.

He started his project with a set of table legs that he found discarded.

They were missing a tabletop, but were otherwise perfectly good.

He realized they were the perfect framework for a new table all his own.

Next, he got to work slicing out his tabletop. He cut a round shape out of an ordinary piece of wood.

He was able to keep it pretty simple, since he knew he was going to cover the surface anyway.

Next, he attached the tabletop to the legs.

It needed a little bit of adjusting, since his tabletop is a circle and the legs were originally attached to an oval-shape one.

With a little bit of woodworking and finagling, he was able to put them together to form a brand-new table.

Once the table itself was finished, he began laying out bottle caps to create just the right pattern for his firehouse.

He used different kinds of bottle caps to create contrast and work out the pattern.

Here’s what it looked like while he was still sorting out the design he wanted, a seal variation.

In the end, he decided to add a few other bits and pieces of design to pay special homage to his fellow firefighters.

He doesn’t explain in his post exactly what the numbers and letters mean, but we’re guessing they have to do with his specific department.

The number 446, for example, might be his engine number.

We’d take a guess that the letters RVC stand for his county!

No matter what the letters and numbers stand for, it’s clear he has tremendous respect for his fellow firefighters.

He cemented the meaningful design forever, using a combination of grout and epoxy to hold it in place.

The finished product is a stunner of a table.

It’s liberally covered in epoxy to give it a dramatic, glossy finish that will preserve the bottle caps forever.

Most importantly, we imagine any firefighter would be honored to sit at it and share a meal with his or her colleagues!

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