Firefighters Find 2 Dogs Trapped In Burning Home, Then Rush To Give Them 4 Tanks Of Oxygen

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

It’s a firefighter’s job to make sure that everyone is safe — even fire victims of the furry variety.

Over the years, more and more rescue resources have been made available to help fire squads tend post-fire to humans, as well as pets.

The Abingdon Volunteer Fire & Rescue was able to put these to use recently when they received a call about a house fire.

They were ready to battle the flames when a neighbor notified them that there were pets in the home.

Sure enough, the squad found two dogs, Roxy And Daisy, that had been unable to breathe in the smoky home.

The two pooches were rushed outside where rescuers administered four oxygen tanks over the course of an hour.

If it hadn’t been for the neighbor, the firefighters would have never known about the dogs. Fortunately, both their lives were saved.

“When we came back to the station it made us feel good,” explained firefighter Paul McNeely to Inside Edition. “It made us all feel good. You can’t save them all, but it feels good when you do.”

The dogs have since made an amazing recovery and are super grateful for the brave humans who saved their lives.

Check below to learn more about the harrowing double-dog rescue. It will definitely make you believe that firefighters can save anyone.

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