Firefighters Heard No One Showed Up To Boy’s Birthday And Refused To Leave Him Lonely At Party

by Amy P
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Dominic Giatras, 7, invited 20 classmates to his birthday party. He was so excited; his parents even rented out a children’s play gym in Plainfield, Illinois, for the entire afternoon.

Noreen Mattson was working the desk on the day of Dominic’s birthday celebration. As more time passed, she realized the boy’s party was not at all what he’d hoped for.

“Ten minutes after the start of the party, we still didn’t have any guests,” Noreen told WGNTV. “Five minutes later we had one guest show up, and twenty minutes later, he was still the only guest.”

Thankfully, Noreen spotted a group of parents coming from a party held there just before Dominic’s began — and one of those parents is married to a local firefighter.

Noreen told the woman about Dominic’s disappointing turnout, and the woman called her husband at the fire department.

Dominic stood by the gym doors, head down and shoulders slumped. He assumed his party was a bust and was losing all hope that his guests would arrive.

But then a fire truck pulled up outside …

Footage provided by WGNTV

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