Grieving Firefighters Stand Guard Over Fallen Chief For 24 Hours A Day Until He’s Buried

by Amy Paige
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For six years, Chief Troy Jackson of the South Metro Fire Rescue in Colorado battled a type of cancer related to the job he committed his life to.

Chief Jackson suffered from adenoid cystic carcinoma, a rare cancer caused by the carcinogens that can absorb into the skin of those who frequently come into contact with soot and chemicals.

Long into his diagnosis he continued to rally for changes in the industry that would make the job safer for other firefighters.

Sadly, after six years of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical procedures, Chief Jackson passed away.

Shortly before his death, he was able to see his daughter graduate from the police academy and be sworn in as a law enforcement officer.

In the days leading up to his funeral, it was time for Chief Jackson’s fellow firefighters to continue the longstanding tradition of the Honor Watch — and they were signing up in droves to make sure his casket was watched over from the time he left the hospital to the time he reached the church for burial.

It’s so powerful to see these men and women standing guard over the fallen hero’s flag-draped casket.

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