Dad Falls Off Ladder And Breaks Leg So Firefighters Show Up To Finish Hanging Christmas Lights

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Once Thanksgiving is over, I think it’s officially Christmas season. Instead of spending Black Friday shopping, I’d rather use the day to make my home as festive as possible.

That’s exactly what Glenn Elvenholl, a husband and father from Colorado, was doing this Friday when something went terribly wrong.

Glenn was hanging up Christmas lights outside his family home when he fell off his ladder.

Glenn landed hard on the ground below, and ended up breaking his leg and dislocating his ankle.

Rescuers with the local fire department arrived quickly on the scene to handle Glenn’s injury and get him to the hospital, where he could be properly treated.

Technically, their job should have ended there — but that’s not where they stopped.

Quite a few firefighters decided to stay behind after the incident to finish hanging up Glenn’s Christmas lights, since he likely wouldn’t be able to get back up on that ladder.

The firefighters said that putting up the lights was “the right thing to do,” especially for the children who were worried about their dad’s injuries. Their act of kindness definitely encapsulates the holiday spirit! Hopefully, Glenn will be well again soon, and be home to enjoy the holiday season (and the Christmas lights!) with his family.

Check out the video below to hear from the firefighters and Glenn’s wife, and please SHARE this sweet act of kindness on Facebook!

Footage provided by KDVR Denver

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