Firefighters Pose With Puppies For Charity In Annual Calendar

by Angel Chang
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Since 1993, the team behind the Firefighters Calendar in Australia has been doing photoshoots each year.

The photo series are compiled into calendars, whose sales profits usually go to the Children’s Hospital Foundation Burns Unit.

This year, they decided to change it up, and partnered with the RSPCA to raise awareness about caring and protecting for animals in need of a home.

All the firemen in the shoot posed with adorable little puppies on loan from the shelter, and made the whole thing look all the more fantastic and playful.

Of course, this isn’t the first time organizations have paired up with animals to make a statement or to support a higher cause.

Those of other professions have posed with dogs in their own calendars to raise awareness about animals in need of saving.

Scroll further to check out this year’s awesome firefighters calendar, and let us know your thoughts about the great cause in the comments down below!

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Firefighters pose with puppies

Every year since 1993, the team behind the Firefighters Calendar in Australia gets to work, putting together the most stunning photo series, for the most impressive annual calendar.

Firefighters pose with puppies

Traditionally, proceeds from the sale of these calendars go toward the Children’s Hospital Foundation Burns Unit, and other regional charities.

Firefighters pose with puppies

This year, however, they decided to change it up and partner with the RSPCA, a nonprofit organization that works to prevent animal cruelty, and promotes care and protection for animals.

Firefighters pose with puppies

The firefighters in the calendar all spend time posing with adorable little puppies on loan from Safe Haven Animal Rescue.

Firefighters pose with puppies

All of these beautiful pups are up for adoption.

The proceeds will be split with the RSPCA, who will use the extra funds to improve the operation of shelters, educate communities, and work on further fund-raising efforts.

Firefighters pose with puppies

The firefighters have gotten a lot of attention since news coverage of this year’s project surfaced on the internet.

So far, they have attracted a little over 80,000 followers on Facebook!

Firefighters pose with puppies

To date, the Firefighters Calendar has raised over $1 million, and are hoping that they’ll raise even more awareness about saving and protecting animals in need.

Firefighters pose with puppies

Click here to visit the calendar’s official website, and to learn how you can purchase your own Firefighters Calendar!

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