Firefighter Makes A Wrong Turn On His Way To Work, Then Finds Woman’s Car Crashed In A Ditch

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Making a wrong turn or getting stuck in traffic is usually a surefire way to make our commute to work more stressful.

But for one firefighter, it wound up being a turn of fate.

As firefighter Will Greesen drove to work one morning, he made a wrong turn and wound up stuck behind a slow tractor trailer. As he drove, he spotted lights in a ravine and realized something wasn’t right.

When he got out of his car, Will found 22-year-old Briana Morrisette unconscious behind the wheel. An accident had caused her car to crash into the ravine. She was unconscious for the entire thing.

Had Will stayed in his car, Briana and her mother are sure she wouldn’t have made it out alive. Briana’s mother believes it was fate that brought Will to her daughter that day, as Briana and Will even share the same birthday.

In an emotional meeting, the two reunited a month after Will saved Briana’s life. They met again at Cranford/Graves Fire Services Building in Maryland. You can see their sweet reunion in the video below, in which Will is honored for his heroic act!

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Footage Provided by WTVR Richmond

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