Firefighter Reaches Up Just In Time To Catch Newborn Falling From Burning 3rd-Story Apartment

by Mauricio Castillo
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Captain Jackie Peckrul was fearlessly doing her duty in the face of a horrible fire. The firefighter and mom of triplets answered the call after an apartment building went up in flames.

When she saw that a family was trapped on the third floor, she rushed to get her ladder and climb up. Inside the burning third floor was a family of 10, and dad Lance Ragland was frantically trying to get his eight children out.

Captain Jackie began climbing the ladder and barely had time to look up before she saw it: an infant falling through the air.

“The only thing running through my mind: ‘Lord, let me catch this baby,'” she recalled. According to the captain, Lance Ragland had seen her climbing up and didn’t hesitate.

He threw his newborn baby, wrapped in a blanket, down towards her. “My hands came off the ladder, and I got ’em,” Captain Jackie recalled.

She climbed back down, handed the baby to emergency crews and then returned to help the rest of the family.

One of her fellow firefighters, Captain Scott Stroup, caught another one of the kids as Lance continued to free his children from the flames.

“There’s no better feeling in the world,” Captain Jackie said. “Never want to see any parent lose a child.”

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Photo: FOX 10 Phoenix

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