Firefighter Saves Abandoned Kitten After Being Thrown From A Moving Car

by Jillian Gorry
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It was just another day for the Polk County Fire Rescue.

They reported on their Facebook page that the crew was “on [their] way back to the fire station when Firefighter Engineer Sean Sweat saw something odd on the side of the road.

He went to check it out and saw a kitten in distress.”

And her physical state — which included very visible road burns — shocked Sweat. “The kitten was wet, covered in mud, and in need of some love. Sweat took the kitten to the fire station and cleaned it up.”

This reminds me of the New York police officers who rescued the kittens left behind in a suitcase. There was that cop who broke a car window in order to save a dog from a hot car, too.

When you’re an animal lover?

Nothing will stop you from seeing them protected from harm.

“I’ve got a soft spot for four-legged creatures,” Sweat goes on to say, having nursed the kitten back to health and looked for a home that might adopt her. He has since named the tiny ball of cuteness “Trouble,” since she climbs into all his things and snuggles with him at night.

While Sweat couldn’t keep Trouble for himself, as he had many animals at home already, he dropped her off into the capable hands of the SPCA. We’ll let you know if we hear she’s found a new home!

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