Firefighters Secretly Fill Hose With Colored Water To Surprise Colleague With His Baby’s Gender

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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A day of firefighter training turned into a very special memory for first responder Justin Tubbs and his wife, Erica.

With the help of his colleagues, Justin put together an incredible gender reveal.

Justin and his team were doing a round of firefighter training, so he figured it would be fun to make the gender reveal a part of it. As he explains in the video below, it didn’t cost taxpayers any extra money (it all came out of his own pocket), and it only added a few minutes onto their training — but those minutes were joyful indeed.

The parents-to-be say that Justin’s colleagues were so helpful and supportive throughout the whole thing.

In fact, according to Inside Edition, Justin’s captain was the one entrusted with the top-secret envelope containing the baby’s gender.

The expectant couple found out the gender of their baby by firing a hose and watching as the color of the water changed from clear to pink. Once they realized they would be having a little girl, they were ecstatic — but also surprised. Erica told Inside Edition that they were sure they’d be having a boy, in part because Justin comes from a family of “all boys.”

No matter what, though, this little girl sure is joining an incredible family — both nuclear and extended.

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Photos: CBS — Inside Edition

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