Firefighter Finds The Only Thing That Survived When House Burned Down: A ‘Ring From Heaven’

by Amy Paige
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In 1976, Patty Shales and her husband moved into the gorgeous home he designed himself. After her husband died in 2007, it was just Patty, their daughter, and their dogs.

But life changed in an instant in late October 2019, when the horrific wildfires scorched their way through Southern California.

Patty and her daughter watched as the Getty Fire grew closer to their home. They grabbed their dogs and fled with nothing.

As they evacuated, Patty watched her beloved home go up in flames. Though hers was the only house on her block that was completely destroyed (along with everything inside it), she’s thankful that she and her family are OK.

The next day, firefighters arrived to clear the streets and repopulate the surviving homes. While looking down into a gutter, they spotted a white ring box sitting in the water.

Patty returned to the wreckage to learn everything she owned was gone. The stunning, sprawling home her late husband had designed was nothing but a pile of smoldering debris.

While a firefighter broke the devastating news to Patty, he stopped for a moment. “I might have something for you,” he said.

Patty could not believe what he held in his hands — and she says it’s a message from her late mother.

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