Seeking The Truth About YOU? Just Look Down At Your Hands!

by Cassandra Morris

Fingernail 3: Short and Round

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Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

Since you’d describe your nails as short and round, you’re most likely a strong-minded, creative person with a dramatic flair. You radiate fun and excitement, so people are naturally drawn to you. Once you make a friend, you’re loyal for life, and you’d do anything to protect the people you love.

There are few things you love more than a new challenge. Adventurous, bold, and fearless, when you set your mind to something, you never back down. Some might say you’re a bit pig-headed, but you can’t help it if you know what you want!

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Fingernail 4: Uneven and Short

Fingernail 4: Uneven and Short
Maya Borenstein for LittleThings

Are your nails uneven and short — perhaps from biting? Then you’re probably an empathetic, observant person. You’re a very heartfelt soul, so when you say something, you mean it. You treasure openness and communication, and you tread carefully when making new friends.

If your life had a motto, it would be, “Still waters run deep.” Though you often look placid on the surface, there’s a storm of feeling and thought brewing beneath. Because of this, when you speak, others listen. Your friends know they can always turn to you for the truth — even if it sometimes hurts.

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