Artist Creates Adorable Origami Versions Of Characters From ‘Finding Dory’

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

I was always so jealous of one of my best friends growing up every time she would mindlessly fold an origami crane while we sat in our more mundane classes. The best I could do to fight boredom was squiggle out a few nonsense doodles in the margins of my notebook. It might have been better for me to keep focus on the teacher, but I still wish I could have the knack for folding that seemed to be so natural for her.

She tried to teach me the technique at one point, but my hands were all thumbs. Other more adept individuals might want to give the adorable project below a shot, though. Artist Jackie Chang helps the folks over at Disney and Pixar celebrate the premiere of their newest animated flick, Finding Dory. The famous blue fish, voiced by funny lady Ellen DeGeneres, just keeps swimming her way into our hearts!

Joined by new buddies like Hank the octopus this time around, Chang shows how you can transform plain construction paper into their precious likeness with a few skillful creases and snips. Even if you’re more like me and lack some of the more basic artistic skills, it’s still a lot of fun to watch her at work. And, of course, the result is a delightful tribute to the forgetful fishy!

This would be a perfect project to tackle with your kids (or someone who’s a kid at heart).

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