People Can’t Stop Talking About The ‘Fiji Water Girl’ Who Photobombed Stars At The Golden Globes

by Caralynn Lippo
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The Golden Globes took place on Sunday night. As with any awards ceremony, there were plenty of talked-about moments that have gone viral.

But one incident in particular took the cake with just how bafflingly bizarre and hilarious it was.

A young woman in a blue dress was one of several Fiji Water brand ambassadors on the Golden Globes red carpet, there to hand out bottles of water to the stars in attendance. As with any red carpet, photographers were there to capture all of the beautiful celebrities and their fabulous outfits — and this particular brand ambassador went viral when she started turning up in the background of tons of red carpet photos.

The mystery woman was pictured in the background of photos of stars including Tony Shalhoub, Idris Elba, Kaley Cuoco, and Richard Madden, among many others. In some shots, she even looked directly into the camera and appeared to be posing! People on Twitter quickly noticed her, and they shared some of the shots she appeared in, dubbing her “Fiji Water Girl.” She instantly became a trending topic on the internet.

According to Page Six, the photobombing brunette was later identified as Kelleth Cuthbert by the company.

“The award for Best Supporting Actress in (literally) Every Picture goes to FIJI Water Girl! FIJI Water Girl is a Los Angeles-based model and first-time FIJI Water Brand Ambassador,” Fiji said in a statement. “For more than a decade, FIJI Water has proudly maintained a presence at high-profile events, including major award shows, international film festivals and movie premieres. As the official water sponsor of the Golden Globes, FIJI Water, along with its FIJI Brand Ambassadors, hydrated guests on the red carpet and during the star-studded show. FIJI Water will continue to hydrate more of Hollywood this coming awards season.”

We may only be a week into the new year, but people are already calling “Fiji Water Girl” the first great meme of 2019 — and for good reason!

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