They Seal A Preemie Lamb In A Plastic Bag. 4 Weeks Later, He’s A Medical Miracle

by Rebecca Endicott
Becca is a writer and aspirational dog owner living in NYC.

An incredible scientific breakthrough is rocking the world this week: researchers revealed that a fetal lamb survived and continued to develop after being placed in an artificial womb.

It’s called Biobag, and it’s essentially a plastic container that helps care for a fetus while it continues its development.

The hope is that it might protect little ones who arrive too early, like this smiling cutie who managed to beat the odds.

Developed by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the Biobag helps to circulate fluids and mimics the uterus, amniotic sac, and umbilical cord.

There’s an incredible video of the Biobag at work, and it shows the miracle of life in action. A tiny fetal lamb, too small to live outside the womb, is placed in the Biobag, where he continues to develop.

Four weeks later, he’s a fully developed baby, kicking his hooves, developing wool, and almost ready for life outside the Biobag!

It’s an incredible medical breakthrough for a lot of reasons, but doctors are most excited about its applications for saving premature human babies.

The hope is that tiny fetal babies who arrive too early can be quickly transferred to Biobags and kept in a womb-like environment until they’re big enough.

We’re incredibly impressed with this true miracle of medicine. Be sure to watch the video below to see just how incredible this invention is.

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