Man Notices Newborn Fawn On Beach, Then Captures Moment She Learns To Walk To Her Mom

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

Cinematographer Steve Fagan was filming in Departure Bay Beach, Canada, when he captured a stunning sight indeed. It all started when he spotted a fawn lying on the beach.

According to him, the fawn was a newborn.

When the video begins, the fawn seemed to be napping on the beach, or perhaps the baby exhausted herself — being born is no small feat, after all!

Steve, while staying a safe distance away, filmed the fawn rising from her apparent slumber.

She looked around, her legs trembling beneath her — which could be taken as more proof that she had been born recently. The little baby still had to learn to use her legs!

Her mom stood nearby, though, and the fawn was determined to make her way to her.

Stunningly, even with her small stature and shaky legs, the fawn fearlessly walked across the rocks on the beach.

Of course, being a newborn fawn already made her almost unbearably cute, but just wait until she opens her mouth to let out a little cry.

Simply adorable!

Eventually, the newborn fawn — who can tell her friends that she was born on a beach when she grows up — made it through the rocky terrain to Mom, for some much-needed cuddling!

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