11 Adults Share Their Favorite Memories Of Grandma From Childhood

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

When we’re young, we might not recognize exactly how precious our time spent with Grandma truly is.

Looking back, however, we can cherish the fond memories that we do have of her.

Even if it’s just quiet moments in the kitchen in the late afternoon, or walks around the neighborhood in the morning, those memories will stay with us forever. Grandma’s house was always such an interesting place to be.

Do you have a favorite memory with Grandma? Maybe you have a whole bunch of wonderful moments that give you the warm and fuzzy feeling of being at home.

I asked 11 adults what their favorite memory with Grandma was, and their answers did not disappoint!

Everyone’s story provides a little peek into what their childhood with her was like, and they may even make you remember something from your own past that was long forgotten.

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Thumbnail source: YouTube / Great Depression Cooking, Flickr / Michael 1952


favorite memory with grandma cherries and golden girls

“I used to sit with my grandma and watch episode after episode of The Golden Girls while eating a jar of maraschino cherries. Yep, those were the days.” – Nicoletta


favorite memory with grandma

“I used to make her blow bubbles so I could run around and pop them.” – Janine


favorite memory with grandma box on the floor

“I used to love to climb into cardboard boxes. So after I would climb in, my grandma would push me around the living room like it was a race car. We would do this for hours. I couldn’t get enough. I don’t know how she never got tired.” – Phil


favorite memory with grandma gum under the bed

“There were a few things I could always count on finding at my grandma’s house — her rambunctious dog barking in the front yard, the ashy smell of her heat stove warming up the living room, and watching her reach under her bed to share from her massive stash of chewing gum, doling out mini-packages of fruity gum to each grandkid when they arrived.” – Jess


favorite memory with grandma tending bar

“My grandma was a bartender, so she used to let me come behind the bar as a little kid to ‘mix’ drinks (aka, combine all the sodas together in one pint glass). I also learned to shoot pool and play poker with her and her regulars.” – Nicole P.


favorite memory with grandma snapping green beans

“I remember snapping the ends off of green beans with Grandma at the kitchen table. We never talked much because I was young, but when green beans needed to be beheaded we would sit at the oval kitchen table, snap off the stems, and discard them in a plastic bag. The beans would go into a pale blue mixing bowl to be boiled later at dinner time.” – Grace


favorite memory with grandma tea party good china

“When I was about 3, my grandma and I had tea parties all the time with her special, fancy china. I once got really upset when it was time to stop, and started crying, and my grandma got fed up, and said, ‘oh FIDDLESTICKS, Becky.’ And I told her, ‘Mimi, these aren’t fiddlesticks, these are crocodile tears.'” – Becca


favorite memory with grandma walk with grandma

“My Grandma and Grandpa used to go on walks together through their neighborhood with their cute little two pound weights, and when my brother and I would stay over with them, we got to join and had a blast jogging down the sidewalks with them.” – Johanna


favorite memory with grandma feeding the ducks

“Grandma couldn’t get around very well, but she loved to go down to the Hudson River to feed stale bread to the ducklings. My brothers and I would toss old hot dog buns into the water and she would watch from a bench. My mom says she loved doing this, and we all loved it too!” – Evelyn


favorite memory with grandma baking cookies doing ballet

“We used to bake cookies together, and while they were in the oven I’d hold onto the ‘bar’ of it and pretend I was practicing ballet with her… neither of us were ever ballerinas.” – Nicole C.


favorite memory with grandma picking dandelions

“I used to pick dandelions in my yard with my grandma to eat and use for salad (before foraging was trendy).” – Kate

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