In The Spirit Of Father’s Day, Let’s Go Easy On The Dads In Our Lives

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

Father’s Day is coming up, which means it’s time to get sentimental about our favorite memories with our dads. Mine involve dad bringing me to Dairy Queen in my night gown and throwing me too high in the pool for it to be safe.

Of course, my mom was probably shaking her head at both of the above activities, but maybe that’s what made them both so fun and memorable.

In this episode of Truth Bomb Mom Kristina discusses this phenomena. For instance, “You go to the bathroom, you come back and the father of your children is teaching your precious little angels how to dip their French fries in their milkshakes.”

That eye roll moment is one we can all relate to. Dad just doesn’t have a mothers touch. But with that said, Kristina has a message for us, “Ladies, let’s just chill out.”

She goes on, “If the father of your children has the best of intentions, adores his kids, and isn’t a total jerk, can we just back off a bit?”

She raises a good point. As much as I may complain about my dad, the truth is he’s a good guy who wants the best for me, even if we did fight for the entire duration of my teenage years.

Let’s just decide to find it adorable that dad is trying his best, even if that means the brown paper bag lunches he packs are full of lunch money.

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