Nearly Dead Father Of 4 Wakes Up After His Kids Unplug Life Support And Start Planning Funeral

by Amy Paige
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A Nebraska father of four was found unconscious in his home the day after his 61st birthday. Doctors believed Scott Marr, a former sports announcer, had suffered a stroke that caused severe brain swelling.

Doctors said Scott was in such bad shape that it was highly unlikely he’d survive. Friends and family quickly took to Facebook to share their heartfelt condolences.

While his condition seemingly worsened, Scott was hooked up to a breathing machine in the ICU. His children rallied around his bedside but knew things were looking bleak.

When doctors confirmed Scott was near brain-dead, his family made the gut-wrenching decision to remove him from life support.

In the past, Scott told his family he’d never want to be lying lifeless in a hospital bed and unable to make decisions for himself.

Doctors said he would die quickly and quietly. His family said their goodbyes and began making arrangements for his cremation and funeral.

Scott’s children decided to head back to the hospital when their aunt called — with an update that’s now being described as a medical miracle.

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