Dad Takes Photos Of His Toddler “Flying.” The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart!

by Emerald Pellot
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Alan Lawrence’s son can fly, and he’s not even 2 years old!

When baby William was born, his family didn’t expect him to have Down syndrome.

Although they were unsure of what that meant and what the future held for them, his parents didn’t have a second thought about loving him the same way they loved their four other children.

While those with Down syndrome have unique circumstances, they prove every day that those circumstances should not be confused with limitations.

Take Noah, for instance, he has Down syndrome and was accepted to college, or Madison, who can sing beautifully despite notions that those who have the condition can’t.

Alan noticed his son liked to lay on his belly and pretend he was flying.

One day he edited an image to make it appear as though Wil was floating in mid-air.

Our family and friends loved this idea and it soon became a weekly thing on my Instagram to see where Wil had been flying that week. These photos soon took on a whole new meaning for us as we began to consider some of the unique challenges he will face as he grows up,” Alan said.

The photos went viral, and now Wil’s family is hoping to release a calendar of the pictures to help spread awareness about Down syndrome.

You can help by visiting their Kickstarter here!

This is Wil. The youngest of five children, Wil's family had no idea he would be born with Down syndrome.

little boy flying

In case you haven't noticed, Wil can fly.

little boy flying

"Wil has always wanted to fly ever since he learned to roll on his stomach. When on his stomach he likes to throw his arms behind his back and wiggle his feet and my family and I have always joked that he will one day take off," Wil's father, Alan, wrote on their Kickstarter.

little boy flying

This is Wil flying with his dad, Alan. When Wil was first born, Alan admits that for a moment he could only focus on what Wil wouldn't be able to do.

little boy flying

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