Dad Gently Holds Daughter During Wedding Dance, But Then Pushes Her Away Mid-Song

by Nicoletta Richardson

Ah, the father–daughter dance: The first one-on-one encounter a dad has with his now-married little girl.

This moment truly shows the bond that a bride and her father share — especially when they decide to get a little bit goofy! But no matter what way they decide to do it, it matters most that it’s reflective of those dancing it.

In this video posted on January 31, 2017, we see Thomas Carnahan swoop his daughter, Cicely, up into his arms and dance around the room during their wedding reception dance — with everyone around giving them full attention. 

It surely is precious — up until about a minute into the song, at least.

Carnahan and Cicely are swaying gracefully to their song when the music suddenly changes. And it isn’t a very subtle change either, as MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” starts filling the large space with upbeat tunes.

And all of a sudden, Carnahan pushes away from his daughter in a dramatic attempt to get the crowd fired up, which definitely works — then they start busting a move.

For the next two full minutes, this father–daughter duo brings out their best shakes and twirls on the dance floor during three different songs, continuing to surprise the crowd with their groovy, over-the-top moves.

More than anything, the wedding guests enjoy the performance so much because they can sense the tight bond between the dad and the bride. There’s no denying that he’ll still be her main man, even if she is a grown-up, married woman!

Watch for yourself to see the special dance routine that truly symbolizes their close relationship. Are you touched by this dance routine below? Let us know in the comments, and please SHARE with family and friends on Facebook!

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