She Finds 7 Huge Horses Sleeping In A Tiny Barn, Then They Let Huge Farts Rip

by Paul Morris
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Liz Mitten Ryan was happily walking around her 320-acre horse retreat when she heard an odd noise coming from inside one of her barns.

When she looked inside, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing! A whole group of horses lounging around, sleeping after a eating a huge meal earlier that morning!

Liz runs a special horse retreat called Equinisity. People from all over the world come to her neck of the woods to experience what it means to live amongst nature, wild animals, and wild horses! The horses have all been born and raised with human love and affection, but for the most part, this group of animals loves to roam the huge swath of land Liz owns.

The horses are all accustomed to being around humans, and even enjoy their company, but at the end of the day, these animals travel as a family group with the freedom to run and play in the wild! But for whatever reason, even though they have miles and miles of land to run around, this group of horses decided to fit into a barn on the property to get a quick afternoon nap after eating.

The doors to the barn are wide open for them to come and go as they please, but even though it’s a beautiful day, these horses all felt like spending it indoors instead!

So when Liz noticed this family group sleeping, she just knew she had to take some pictures. But when she heard the after-effects of their meal? She couldn’t stop laughing.

While some might think this is a bit gross, you really won’t get a better chance of seeing such an amazing example of how horses act in the wild! Lying down together in perfect harmony, they don’t mind a bit of farting when it’s all in the family!

Horses can get a lot of sleep while standing up, but they are known to lie down when they need the all important REM sleep. Whether or not a horse lies down seems to be up to their personal preference, many horses lie down only when they feel safe and comfortable.

None of these precious horses is suffering from colic in any form. Liz loves them very much and takes good care of them at all times. Horses just get gassy sometimes and there’s only one way to remedy that!

Warning: The video below contains gassy bodily functions that some viewers might find disturbing.

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