Mom Thinks Son Is Talking To Husband On Monitor, Then He Runs Out And Says ‘It’s Not Daddy’

by Amy Paige
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Using a baby monitor or nanny cam comes with an understanding that you or people you trust are the only ones with access to the feed.

However, we’re seeing more and more stories about parents who discover their monitors have been hacked.

A Long Island couple recently set up a home monitoring system in the hopes it would make an effective nanny cam for their 5-year-old son.

The unnamed mother says her son loves to come home from school and talk to her husband at work through the monitor, which is connected to their cellphones. The dad and son duo enjoy these fun, lighthearted conversations that have become something of a daily tradition.

Then one day, after another video chat via the nanny cam, the little boy darted out from the playroom in a fright and went running to find his mom.

“It’s not Daddy talking to me,” he told her. “It’s not Daddy.'”

When the mother went into the playroom to investigate, she heard the voice of a complete stranger speaking directly to her.

Then she and her husband made an even more terrifying realization.

Footage provided by WPIX New York

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