Mom’s Alternative Use for Fabric-Softener Dryer Sheets Is Pure Genius

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Just because back-to-school shopping commercials have already started appearing on television, doesn’t mean that summer is coming to an end just yet. There is still time to squeeze in a family road trip.

Before you pack up the car, though, arm yourself with these brilliant tips from Thrivent Financial that will make your journey the best family road trip ever.

I’m going to try every one in this video — even for shorter journeys. I’m especially excited about the tips that will keep my car more organized, because trips are so much more relaxing and comfortable when the car stays clean.

Though a clean car seems downright impossible when you have kids in the backseat (seriously: do the Cheerios in the car seats multiply on their own?), you can make it happen with some items you already have around the house. All you need is a fitted sheet, a resealable cereal container, and a hanging shoe organizer to set yourself up for a blissfully organized car. You’ll be shocked at how easy these tips are.

Another road trip solution I can’t wait to try? Using fabric softener sheets instead of air fresheners to make your car smell fresh and clean. There is a super-simple technique to thread the sheets into your car vents that will take less than a minute. Less than a minute for a fresh-smelling car? Count me in!

Watch this video for more brilliantly simple tips (what they do with empty lip balm tubes is incredible!), and please SHARE with anyone who likes keeping their car clean during those fun family road trips!

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