Pregnant Mom And Dad Can’t Make It To Hospital On Time, So Wife Gives Birth On Side Of Freeway

by Tasina Berkey
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That is one baby who was not waiting to get the the hospital!

Couple Alexandra and Charlie Vroon realized that they didn’t have time to make it to the hospital when Alexandra started going into labor.

So the couple ended up delivering their new bundle of joy in one of the more unusual places.

The little baby couldn’t seem to wait to meet his new family, so the couple ended up delivering their newborn right on Interstate-485.

Alexandra and Charlie were lucky enough to get help from a woman in delivering their new baby boy Wilkes.

What a crazy story to tell everyone over dinner in the future!

The family is now resting comfortable in a hospital after the unexpected turn of events, and baby Wilkes is surrounded by all the love and warmth he could possibly imagine.

I think it’s safe to say Wilkes beat his older sister for most interesting birth story to come around! The sibling rivalry is already starting and it’s only been a day! It looks like these two got a long childhood ahead of them.

Check out the couple with their bundle of joy in the video below.

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